Bomberman Vs Voltorb- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Bomberman Vs Voltorb- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Fel as Bomberman

Brandon Lorbes as Voltorb

Lyrics Edit

Bomberman: Edit

Let's blow things up! I'm Bomberman dropping more than literal bombs

It's just so weird that I'm rapping against this shitty Pokemon

You're just a electrified marble who has a useless fucking moveset

I'll send you blasting off to the stars just like Team Rocket

Roll back home to the power plant and do your work as a battery

This fuse is about to go off, Voltorb, you better hurry

Your time is going down like the HP bar you round fuck

You're looking angry bro, what are you gonna do? SELFDESTRUCT?

Voltorb: Edit

Charging my power cause I wanna save my energy til the end

Don't think you can train this electric-type, cause I am no one's friend

I'll show you the meaning of Explosion, you Osama Bin Laden wannabe

I bet you can't throw them bombs on target because you're Japanese

Your job is crazy Bomberman, how are you not arrested yet?

In this battle, this wild guy will be the hardest Pokemon to catch

It would really be funny if you made yourself explode

I know I'm a Voltorb, but I'm still strong as an Electrode

Bomberman: Edit

Let's play some Hot Potato with this bomb in my hand

Just quit already bitch, cause your series turned bland

My hobby just happens to save the world, thank you very much

Looks like I'm gonna have to use my Power-Ups to kick it up a notch

Don't you Screech at me, I'll just make you go Sonic BOOM

You lost this battle, but there's no reason to feel so Gloom

Call me Lt. Surge because I'm the one training you

I burned you in this battle just like Blaine would do

Voltorb: Edit

Even though I don't have hands, I'll strangle you to death

Get you Koffing and Weezing until your out in a casket bed

The Ninja Koga uses me in his gym as a booby trap

Don't get me started on your outfit, it just makes me laugh

I'm about to burst open like I'm an actual Poke Ball

Just like your ancestor and the twin towers, you're gonna fall

Looks like Bomberman has fainted, I've won this fight

Get it mother fucker? YOU LOST! And boom goes the dynamite

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