Bowser Army Vs Dedede Army- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Bowser Army Vs Dedede Army- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Brandon Lorbes as Boom Boom Koopa

DH Films as Goomba

ZombieLicker as Kamek

WoodenHornets as Petey Piranha

SuperThingsonCups as Bowser Jr.

Adam/Pool as Bowser

RandomBronyWhovian as Waddle Dee

Fel as Waddle Doo

TheSuperPlushyBros as Bonkers

Frenzy as Fire Lion

Emo Owl as Meta Knight

Froggy as King Dedede

Lyrics Edit

Bowser's Army: Edit

Boom Boom:

Heard these fags were stepping up to my peeps so I decide to drop by

Name's Boom Boom Koopa, ready to make all of you cry


You couldn't stomp on me if you wanted to, weak fucks

When it comes to you fighting Kirby, you surely suck


HAHAHA! Gonna cast a spell to make my raps so dope

King Koopa will stand proud to us, you will lose all your hopes


Getting hungry for you marshmellows, better get out while you can

But it'll be the end to your funerals when you come face us like "men"

Bowser Jr:

Let me give you a makeover with my magic paintbrush

You guys cause no harm, you're just a bunch of chumps


Dreamland is what you rule? Makes me want to yack

Alright guys, let's finish em, KOOPA PACK ATTACK!

Dedede Army: Edit

Waddle Dee:

We're fighting a Star Warrior, you guys get beat by a plumber

Kidnapping princesses is old, you guys are complete bummers

Waddle Doo:

A rejected Koopa, mushroom with no hands, a wizard and retard plant

Don't think you can beat us because really, you can't


We come from Nightmare Enterprises, we're like payed Hitmen

We'll show you our true power, now who's the chicken?

Fire Lion:

You guys will burn alive, it'll hurt more than a fire flower

Ripping your guts for dinner, you'll live for a few hours

Meta Knight:

I shall cut down the bridge to make you guys fall to your doom

Don't fret, it's not like you were gonna get another good game soon

King Dedede:

I'll show Peach an extra D no one has ever seen before

Bowser why'd you hire these guys? Were you lonely and bored?

Bowser Army: Edit

(Kamek) Its time we boost things up (Goomba) Time we finally kick some ass

(Boom Boom) I'll smash you to the ground, you'll need more than a cast

(Petey Piranha) You guys gotta work out (Bowser) You're nothing but puff balls

(Bowser Jr) What'll you do? Use umbrellas? (Goomba) We're the best minions of all

(Bowser) Coming in fierce (Kamek) Fucking queers (Bowser Jr) Time to charge in quick

(Petey Piranha) The fuck is a Waddle Dee? (Boom Boom) Sounds like my dick

(Bowser Jr) We're the fiercest army that the Mushroom Kingdom ever saw

(Bowser) Guess what Dedede, there's a D you don't got (Goomba) Ha! I get! Good one boss

Dedede Army: Edit

(Waddle Dee) We'll crush you like a Warp Star, send you flying out

Like Dyna Blade, we attack to keep out douches around

(Waddle Doo) Why kidnap Toads? (Meta Knight) Such fools you must be

(Bonkers) Mario killed Bowser many times (Dedede) How are you living?

(Fire Lion) Every level is just repeditive and just frustrating

Not to mention Hotel Mario (Waddle Doo) A game that everyone hated

(Waddle Dee) Its not just parasols (Meta Knight) Its swords (Fire Lion) Fire (Bonkers) And hammers

(Dedede) Bow down to Dedede, Koopa, show yourself some manners

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