Captain Falcon Vs Sweet Tooth- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Captain Falcon Vs Sweet Tooth- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Stofferex as Sweet Tooth

Brandon Lorbes as Captain Falcon

Lyrics Edit

Sweet Tooth: Edit

That's just the name of vehicle, I go by the name of Needles Kane

I'm gonna splatter your blood all over the track, I'm gonna make it rain

I'm twisted metal bitch, so just just surrender and get in the van

Wanna share a little secret? I banged Jody Summer man!

You think you can burn me? Pfft!!! Look at my head!

Might wanna leave now Falcon, cause after this, you'll be dead

Can you just finally tell Fox where his father's been all this time?

I can kill you just as easy as you make one measly rhyme

Falcon: Edit

Why the fuck am I talking to a Joker on steroids?

You've been raping so much that you gave yourself a hemorroid

Your the leader of The Clowns...looks like you've insulted yourself

Compared to me and you, I make you look like a fucking elf

You never seen my true power, Sweety, let me tell you this is your end

Of this race and of you figuring out that you'll never save your friend

You'll be found in your van, in the desert, with no idea where you went

The grade I give you based on your rapping is F-Zero percent

Sweet Tooth: Edit

I got a call from Dr. Stewart saying you're a cheater like Lance Armstrong

You make me a fucking elf? Well guess who got THAT shit wrong?

When my Sweet Bot goes on a rampage like Goroh with too much caffeine

My foot will be on your chest and I'll be refreshed from your final scream

Watch out as I drop a nuke to make the whole audience feel like hell

By the time this knife is deep in your heart, you won't be feeling well

Ganondorf had a better moveset in Super Smash Brothers Melee

So its time I take the Grand Prix trophy as Sweet Tooth takes first place

Falcon: Edit

I've seen better clowns than you in the Batman Arkham series

So just grab a seat and let Captain Falcon read a story

Once upon a time, there was a man who had 10 little kids

Then they got raped and stabbed to death and the man drove off, FIN

I got the blue falcon with the lucky number seven

You such a pedo that all the priests would ban you in heaven

I'll crush your sweet tooth in and have all the ice cream after lunch

Oh and let me finish you off with a Falcon Punch!!!!

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