(VETERAN'S DAY) Conker Vs Nikolai Belinski- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(VETERAN'S DAY) Conker Vs Nikolai Belinski- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


MCGamingFTW as Nikolai Belinski

Brandon Lorbes as Conker

Lyrics Edit

Nikolai: Edit

Have a little vodka Conker, it's time we had this talk

I'm about to stab your legs and force you to walk

I'll run you over with a Tank with Dempsey driving the bitch

By the end of this, I'll bury you next to my wife in a ditch

It's another Bad Fur Day for you, stupid hungover squirrel

Just like Peter, I'll strangle you until you're purple

I made Stalin scared to death with one little stare

It's an apocalypse, this will take few seconds, no time to spare

Conker: Edit

No need to talk shit old chap, not in the mood for your yappin'

If it's a fight you're looking for, then there's no need to bother askin'

Started coming out a bar, now I'm a king, end of discussion

One swing with my frying pan and you're left with a concussion

No need to cry over spilt milk, seriously, look at the Panther King

I'll leave you with a new red coat once you see the pain I bring

I came across many ladies in my life, slicing pussy like Takeo

This is quite an easy victory for me today, if I do say so

Nikolai: Edit

Pathetic the Great Mighty Poo can have better rhymes than you

Since you're a squirrel, gobbling up nuts is what you like to do

Once Rareware shut down, you haven't had a game in a decade

You can keep shooting your teddy bears, zombies are what I slay

I fight for Mother Russia, going to war with pride of Vladmir Lenin

I'll stab you to death with your pitchfork friend, you'll be seeing Gregg again

Decapitate you like my foes, your head is what I'll carry

Let me take you down soldier, reunite you with Berri

Conker: Edit

And now the real war begins, time to bust out the grenades

I bet them skeletons in your closet are the only way you get laid

Even a haystack has better strength than this booze-filled prick

You're a Big Big Guy are ya? I'll pop your balls with two bricks

I can even fight while drunk, I took down Fire Imps just by pissin'

I'm getting stacks of cash from good deeds, now fucking listen

I took down the Alien, performing Matrix tricks to take shits down

No need for a Quick Revive Belinski, I'm the one taking the crown

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