Crash Bandicoot Vs Spyro the Dragon- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 3

Crash Bandicoot Vs Spyro the Dragon- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 3


Stofferex as Crash Bandicoot

Brandon Lorbes as Spyro the Dragon

Justin Buckner as Rayman


Crash: Edit

WHOA! IT'S A DRAGON! I'm about to tear it apart

I'll leave a mark on this little shart, Crash is here to create Sparx

You know I'm a real MC look at this picture from Crash 3

One word to describe your series would most likely be N Sanity

Your design keeps getting uglier, it's enough for you to make Activision die

Not to mention the only one in your family is a dragonfly

I'm rocking these tatoos and these torn out jean shorts

If there's another Playstation All-Stars, they'll want me and not this whore

Spyro: Edit

Looks like I got some things to do like leave this animal split

I spit super flames, plasma, missles, and whirlwinds

We were supposed to have Willie the Wombat but we got this turd?

I took your girlfriend Tawna and I Crash Boom Banged her

You’re always crashing into stuff, no wonder they call you Crash

And you also spin crazy like that stupid Looney Tune, Taz

I'm about to Crunch this Bandicoot and you'll never spin again

It even says that Cortex and Brio called you a failed experiment

Crash: Edit

Uh-oh! I'm about to go out do the Death Tornado you're in trouble

I mean what kind of lame dragon has the ability to breathe bubbles?

I'm spitting crystals and gems you're just bashing your head in shit

You think you can beat me? Hell even I'm able to land some kicks

I'm twistin' when spittin' these lyrics and killin' it

So you better just beat it before I start hittin' it

I'll twister out on this lizard since your rhymes are just cancer

I’ve won this battle, now get your ass back to Skylanders

Spyro: Edit

Your mind is Warped Ass Bandicoot, pierce my horns through your heart

This is The Year of the Dragon you just ripped off Mario Kart

You collect gems? Well you should meet the Gemcutters

How is it your speaking English right now? I expected you to mutter

You got nothing but a freaky tiki by the name of Aku Aku

You're more crazy and retarded than Riper Roo the kangaroo

When it comes to a fun game, fun is where you're really lacking

I'm getting Playstation fans excited while you're busy Titan Jacking

Rayman: Edit

Now here's the Rayman Origin on how I rule Sony

You guys are nothing but phonies and your games are baloney

I'm a true legend buddies taking down a whole clan of Darktoons

If I can catch a bunch of Rabbids, I can beat your asses too!

Crash, quit crashing into stuff, it's like you're high off crystal meth

And Spyro, these hands are tough enough to punch a dragon to death

You teensies are in trouble cause you're in the Land of the Livid Dead

Now it's time to end this battle cause I'm this level is cleared YEAH!

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