(THANKSGIVING) Dhalsim Vs Great Tiger- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(THANKSGIVING) Dhalsim Vs Great Tiger- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


Stofferex as Dhalsim

Brandon Lorbes as Great Tiger

Lyrics Edit

Dhalsim: Edit

Hear me Agni, God of Fire, as I beat this stereotipical Indian

The chances of you winning is pretty much one in a million

The power I possess is divine while you just turn to smoke

I say it's about time somebody puts an end to your magic show

I'm fighting for my village you won't know what's about to happen

You're like a weird looking combination of Osama and Aladdin

You annoy me more than Rufus I rather face Glass Joe

When I'm done meditating, I'll destroy you like I'm Piston Hondo

Great Tiger: Edit

I am the Great Tiger teleporting in from Mumbai, India

Let me tell ya that your son, Datta is lookin' like he has cancer

I'd say I respect how you live your life but that'll make me a liar

You don't do shit, there's no way you can fight a tiger

If you lose your focus for even a second then I will disappear

You say you hate violence remind me what we're doing here

I hope your memory is good because I'll punch you out a lot

Stick to drinking your mother's milk but before you do, eat my dust

Dhalsim: Edit

I'm about to leave you in defeat when I'm spitting on this beat

Stretching my arms to long distances, call me Luffy from One Piece

I'm spitting Yoga Fire you're flying a cloud and wearing a turban

I wouldn't consider you as competition since you're nothing but a magician

I'll be the one to beat you out so hard that it'll knock your stripes off

Just like how I like my curry, I like my rhymes when they're hot

I may be a pacifist but for you, I'll decide to switch things up

Your boxing skills are a little rusty you should have some training with Doc

Great Tiger: Edit

LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!! Pay attention to me!

Your fighting style is based on yoga? What a rip off of Gandhi 

I have the energy from the grass, from the seas, and the snow

A major circuit fighter next to Bear Hugger and Don Flamenco

Will I go to the left or the right? Tell me which color is which

You can't step to me it's 4 to 1 you're outmatched bitch 

You're knocked out Dhalsim looks like you won't get your water back

I'd give you soda from Popinski but I feel like won't deserve that

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