Ellie Vs Clementine- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Ellie Vs Clementine- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Stofferex as Clementine

Mat4yo as Ellie

Lyrics Edit

Clementine: Edit

Hi! My name’s Clementine and I don’t mean to be rude

But this cute little girl will have the disses to make you lose

Ever since you met Joel, anyone who joins the team is dead

Have you noticed that arm bite matched those hickeys on your neck?

I’m nine years old and I already know how to use a pistol

What kind of teenager never learned how to swim or whistle?

The Walking Dead came first Ellie so you’re a rip off of me

I’m gonna be the leader in Season 2 thanks to my beloved friend, Lee

Ellie: Edit

Your game ends sad, we triggered tears from the beginning

I'm gonna peel the shit out of you, Clementine, ain't no kidding

You had a little crush on Duck, well piss off, he’s dead

You can't stand against me, bitch, I have bigger balls than Ben

I’m the cure and I assure you smell like zombie manure

Take a brochure and take a detour or let the zombies give a grand tour

You might have perfect aim but I know you won’t harm me

You kicking MY ass? Psh! You and what fucking army?

Clementine: Edit

Just the guys I met in a shelter who survived for four-hundred days

If I had the last boat I would totally get you to stay

If I learned anything since this started the first day

Is that anything bad comes to me, I’ll never be afraid

You know it’s really immature to swear for people your time in age

Your only man was Sam, he’s dead, and no way will you get engaged

That bite for over a year? You’re not a cure, you’re contagious

I can take care of myself, I got fears, but I’m still courageous

Ellie: Edit

That’s bullshit - and you’re still a pussy, fear or no fears

Were your buddies slow cause they were all wasted on a beer?

This is the end of all life as you know it, learn to inherit it

Before I leave you living like both Lee and your parents

I say what the fuck I want, cause I don't give a shit

Yeah, me and Sam were tight, but he knows you can’t spit

You were ordered to stay with Christa and Omid no matter what

Now I'm gonna leave you and your dairy alone with the Last of Us

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