(4TH OF JULY) Guile Vs Terry Bogard- Gaming All Star Rap Battles-0

(4TH OF JULY) Guile Vs Terry Bogard- Gaming All Star Rap Battles-0


Stofferex as Guile

Brandon Lorbes as Terry Bogard


Guile: Edit

Let me ask you something Terry are you bad enough to fight me?

Your publicity ratings are about to sink and shoved up in your Ukee

By the time I finish you, I'll be the true King of Fighters

For an American guy, you're showing many Japanese stereotypes, sir

You are a spoiled little brat like my family rival, Ken Masters

Just like I did to the Psycho Drive, I'll leave you in disaster

Are you gonna win this fight? Well I guess that's a no-brainer

You look like the weird steroid effect of the Pokemon Trainer

Terry Bogard: Edit

Hey c'mon, c'mon, what happened to being a family man?

I'm a Legendary Hungry Wolf and you make a nice beefy protein snack

MC Terry got the kicks of Ryu and the punches like Mike Tyson

You're mad cause you won't avenge Charlie cause you can't beat M. Bison

I'll blend this war veteran and drink him up like you do American Coffee

Your attitude is more sickening than your love for John Wayne movies

William F. U. Guile now prepare to feel my Fatal Fury

And stand your Bo-GUARD when I relieve you of your duties

Guile (fast): Edit

This is more than just war

Prepare for what's in store

It's about to get hard

No one knows you Bogard

Gonna blast like HADOKEN

Punch like it's SHORYUKEN

I fight for my nation

Now just pay attention

Guile (normal): Edit

Sonic Hurricane, Sonic Typhoon, Sonic Boom, now Sonic Rhymes

You're 8th place in the Heroes Collection, now you're going down to ninth

Knowing a girl's size just from a glance? Can you be more perverted?

Fighting me is a S.I.N. I'm giving you explosive disses, don't be alerted

You were signed up for adoption because your personality is shit

I'm leaving my Mark of Wolves now taste some of my Assassin's Fist

You're finished when I unleash a Metor Combo to your face

We all know you'll lose just like it was Capcom Vs SNK

Terry Bogard: Edit

OKAY! Calm down! You're already scaring me enough with your hair

My disses are gonna leave you in fear it's like I'm part of a pack of bears

I'm scoring 3-pointers when I'm spitting out free throws finish with the Power Dunk

All you're doing is playing darts and doing tons of Air Force fighting junk

You ass looks more like the gay version of Sergeant Slaughter

In Street Fighter 4, I bet you'll get your ass kicked by your daughter

Face it Will, I got more fame than you, I'm a true symbol of America

I'll be taking my reward now just lend over your wife, Julia

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