Isaac Clarke Vs Gordon Freeman- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 11

Isaac Clarke Vs Gordon Freeman- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 11

Isaac Clarke vs Gordon Freeman


Brandon Lorbes as Isaac Clarke

WoodenHornets as Gordon Freeman

Alien Smuggers



Looks like I arrived to my destination to kick Dr. House’s ass

I’ll be taking my weapon back if you don’t mind so go back to physic class

You’re a nerd inspired by Einstein, Feynman, and Hawking

I saw you in Chell’s backyard last night; your ass be fucking stalking

You’ll be living a Half Life, but this beating could be long

To me, you are labeled as the experiment gone wrong

Give me the portal to send me in and I’ll have the one to take you out

Then I’ll stomp your face in to make you finally talk without a doubt


Let me take some time to examine this waste of Dead Space

Why is your ass scaring kids all night? It makes you a big disgrace

Oh my god! What the fuck is that? Oh wait; it’s just your mom

No one would play you if you were in one of Garry’s mods

Portal is not where I’m from you dumbass; search me up on Google

Did that frozen wasteland planet freeze off your little noodle?

I’m the best in nerd history as a legendary resistance hero

I’m the true winner of this battle Clarke so suck my rear hole


Hey Gordon, guess what? GLaDOS called saying she’s a bit like you

She tested you, you tested her, you killed her, but she didn’t get to

I’ll blast a shock wave to send your ass flying to the walls

Then I’ll open the emergency door to have you flying throughout the space halls


I admit I won’t survive that shit but I know your ass wouldn’t either

When you and Ellie were in a situation, I know that you would leave her

You’re suit looks a looks a little rusty but I’m guessing you ran out of oil

I’ll beat you like the G-man and have your discovery plans foiled

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