(FATHER'S DAY) James McCloud Vs James (Fallout 3)- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(FATHER'S DAY) James McCloud Vs James (Fallout 3)- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


Brandon Lorbes as James McCloud

Epic Doctor X as James (Fallout 3)

Lyrics Edit

James McCloud: Edit

I'm going alone from here because this doctor is going down

Just like me and my Arwing, you're about to Fallout

My team's generation will live on thanks to my son, Fox

We don't even know YOUR son's name, and you're ugly as Pigma

I've brought armies down alone and you must have missed it,

'Cause the only way you could Target me was if it was Vault Assisted!

I'm controlling this ship buddy, just like how Rob controls the Great Fox

You should know by now that Starfox don't give any fucks

James (Fallout 3): Edit

You say you're a good father but here's something that dosen't seem right

How was Fox even born when we don't know shit about your wife

Are you sure that you're his dad? Not just a twin with sunglasses?

Well I'm here like Star Wolf about to take down your whole team's asses

I'm the sickest Doc, coming straight from Vault 101

When I'm done, you'll be wandering almost as alone as my son

You were alive in Starfox 64 and today you'll once again die

On your trip to destroy Andross, even Peppy was able to survive

James McCloud: Edit

Okay I'm done Ar-winging it, it's time the master lands his Landmaster

It's time I'd clean up more than your messy nuked town you bastard

I'm gonna be flooding radiation on you, call it The Waters of Life

Hell your son must've been so ugly that he made your wife die

My son will never give up, because he always trusts his instincts

He has become so strong and he done it himself while I was missing

No more Pip from you get back in your Vault Boy, just go

I'm heading out, all aircraft report, it's time to Barrel Roll

James (Fallout 3): Edit

You must not care about your son because you were never dead

Because you were racing in F-Zero with that faggot Captain Falcon

You're trapped in this battle with no one coming to your aid,

You've got no real friends, you were betrayed, Mr. Shades,

Don't mess with the Alpha AND Omega, Revelation 21:6

Your son's team is so awful that it makes me cringe and twitch

Okay McCloud, I'm gonna ditch you like I left Project Purity

It's the beginning...and the end and you're still the worst dad in history

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