John Marston Vs Niko Bellic- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 10

John Marston Vs Niko Bellic- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 10


Brandon Lorbes as John Marston

MCGamingFTW as Niko Bellic

LazySundayPaper as Jimmy Hopkins

Rockstar's Righteous


John: Edit

My name is John Marston, you're my new outlaw

I’ll change your life like I did with Van Der Linde, Williamson, and Escuella

Liberty City, my ass, that ain’t where you’re living

You were only sent there because Yugoslav hated what you’ve given

I’m experienced gunman, marksman, rider and hunter

So can you just bear with me and put down the blunt, sir?

Don’t even try to draw with me, because when it comes to guns, you’re bad

Because you always need it your way, you lonely, sad man


Don’t get me pissed to make me steal every one of your little horses

I’ve committed tons of crimes and still not busted by the police forces

Let me tell you who’s the better mascot that Rockstar deserves you bitch

If I was in your early gang, you wouldn’t fail that robbery in 1906

I’ve been living the war life ever since my eyes first opened

Whenever I steal a vehicle, it always ends with an explosion

You’re always drunk on the job, and your cousin rejects the tits

So just go off to the sunset Johnny Boy, go back to sucking dick


I returned Undead and I cured a disease when I just showed up

If a bomb went off near you, I bet you wouldn’t have the time to jump

You don’t deserve the name of Nikolai, just because of all the vodka drinks

And you’re hands are still dirty even from your crappy safe house sinks


I’m taking in the trash out on this this government boy from Blackwater

I’ll run you over with a taxi cab and me and Roman will give you slaughter

We’ll tell everyone your death’s unknown, call it the Lost and the Damned

Hell, you don’t even know what killed your daughter and no one will ever, man


DRAW! Too late, you’re dead, now get out, there’s a new sheriff in town


Just one little tip, don’t open the barn door or you’ll get sprayed by cows

Jimmy Hopkins:Edit

Good evening ladies, now put down those little rifles

I am a message from Bullworth Academy so respect my arrival

I’ve been most popular in school and they give me all the glory

So don’t make me kick your asses and then I’ll mark my territory

I can walk in public with just my underwear, I don’t care

So think twice before you shoot me with my stink bombs if you dare

I help my people by bullying; see what kind of twist I got?

You’re a gringo, you’re too poor, I’m awesome, smell my socks

Now it was nice meeting you both, I liked this chat we’ve had

But I gotta go-kart out now, don’t be mad, be glad

And if I see you here again, don’t think I won’t ignore you

So you better keep that nose clean or I’ll clean it for you

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