Jon Talbain Vs Sabrewulf- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Jon Talbain Vs Sabrewulf- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


WoodenHornets as Jon Talbain

Frenzy as Sabrewulf

Brandon Lorbes as Bigby Wolf


Jon (Human): Edit

Looks like I'm facing another fellow werewolf prepare for what's in store

But, wait until I get ready, I just need to transform

Jon (wolf): Edit

GRR...Now entering the Darkstalker, Jon Talbain

Looks like you won't be champion because I'M BRINGING THE PAIN

You're stuck with a disease, at least I'm able to change back

The chances of you being cured isn't gonna be worth jack!

I fought with Ryu in Capcom Fighting Evolution

You better stop that howling because your being such a nuisance!

I'll kill you Sabrewulf with a silver Bullet of Makai

I'm Counting down the seconds for you to rhyme and have you die

Sabrewulf: Edit

You were born because your mother got raped by wolves

Everyone hates you Jon so why don't you just suck my hairy balls?

Jon Tal-BANE? Where's Werewolf Batman when you need him?

Tell me it's not wrong that you were only accepted by the children

I don't have time for friends, I fight whatever comes to me 

You think you're gonna beat me? Well that's only in your dreams!

You've fought and seen your dark side now you realize how ugly you are

If you're gonna get Felicia's pussy, you're not gonna get that far

Jon: Edit

You sicken me, you fight for revenge on someone who didn't do shit

You never knew that Ultratech lied and if the cure even existed

Don't talk about my love life asshole, you're just as weak as it is

You just pathetically die when you get a glance at Orchid's tits

You don't have time for friends? LOOK WHO FUCKING INSULTED HIMSELF?

No need to get all apeshit you're insane and you need some help

I come from a whole life line of wolves and it's in my blood

I'm getting a Killer Instinct that I'm about to rip out your guts!

Sabrewulf: Edit

I'm more fierce than you while you're trying to get an audition for Twilight

You are weak, you're better run before I eat your head off in one bite

My Killer Instincts are telling me that you're gonna fucking die!

You will be cowaring in fear bitch! Break your arms and legs so you'll never fight

Warrior of the night? You're just too scared to reveal your face

Now you're gonna be gone Jon, evacuate now Talbain!

You think you're gonna win? WRONG! I'm the one with the bulk

Everyone will know the pussy that got crushed by Sabrewulf!

Bigby: Edit

Well, well, well, if it isn't the Tweedle Brothers Part 2

You won't like me when I'm mad because I'll break your arms like Bloody Mary would do

You're nothing but Crooked Men who deserve to be chopped with the Woodsman's axe

I suggest you both get glamoured before the Big Bad Wolf kicks your ass

You're the Tal-BANE of my existence Jon, at least I control my transformation

And Sabrewulf, I would smash a mirror over your head get out of my Fable Nation

I took down the strongest fables you don't have any Faith to win this fight

I'll claw your eyes out and you'll just be seeing nothing but a Snow White light

The Wolf is Among you both and I'm getting ready to howl

So it looks like I'll have to send these two bad dogs to the pound

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