Kirby Vs Pac-Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-1417909992

Kirby Vs Pac-Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-1417909992


SuperThingsOnCups as Kirby

RandomBronyWhovian as Pac-Man

Brandon Lorbes as Jigglypuff

Lyrics Edit

Kirby: Edit

Coming in like a shooting star, its Kirby, the Star Warrior

It's really lame on what you do in the little game of yours

I'm guessing you must be gay because you like to chomp on some white balls

I saw your Ghostly Adventures show, I instantly thought the ratings will fall

Them ghosts are chasing you, were you secretly a murderer?

I'd suggest giving Ms. Pac Man to me, I promise, I won't hurt her

You never Met a Knight like me so get ready to die for your sins

Better grab on to something because I'm about to suck you in!

Pac Man: Edit

Oh just shut your mouth and stop eating everything you see

I know there's one thing you suck when someone starts pressing B

I am Pac Man, I'm a classic, ran this since the arcade age

Everytime someone's playing on my game, their eyes get engaged

And what the hell? Eating your enemies up? Ain't that kinda wrecking?

I'm such a badass that they feature me in Street Fighter X Tekken

My favorite form of yours is Crash Kirby because you always blow up

What's the matter man? Are you mad? Cause you're getting all puffed

Kirby: Edit

No one plays your games anymore, I'm the one puff ball everyone loves

You wouldn't like me as Rock Kirby when I come from above

You are so outdated man, I been famous for 20 years, bro

And hell, I made millions when the anime gave me one hundred episodes

I'm going out like Knuckle Joe as Fighter Kirby on your ass

Tell me why Nintendo wouldn't let you be in Super Smash

Little known fact, you were supposed to be an enemy called Waddle Dum

Don't you MAGA MAGA MAGA me cause you're about to make your jaw numb

Pac Man: Edit

You're the one to talk, your mouth goes like 2 feet wide

And what did Dynablade's kids do when you told them their mother died?

Man, you're Bonkers, quit smoking on that Kracko

If you think you're gonna beat me in this battle then you're whacko

I'm the best, I'm nicknamed after a famous asian boxer

You live on Planet Pop Star but I'm the one they call a Rock Star

When I heard both of your verses, its like I'm listening to Mic Kirby

Cause I know its the number one thing to make everyone's ears bleed

Jigglypuff: Edit

Both of you shut the fuck up and just close your mouths for once

I don't wanna hear another horrible diss from the two of you cunts

Kirby you suck, I don't mean that as a joke you baffoon

Now watch me Metronome, get Pin Missle, then I'll pop you like a balloon

And as for you Fag Man, don't think you can get anything in this battle honey

Both you fags are done, the Pokemon Company makes more money

I feel like dissing you guys TWICE so let me go and use Double Team

Cause honestly these'll be the only pair of Jigglypuffs you'll ever see

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