Link Vs

Link Vs. Dragonborn- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 04-0

Link vs Dragonborn

Cast Edit

Brandon Lorbes as Link and Dragonborn

Rhyming Knights


Link: Edit

Entering the battlefield is Link of Hyrule

And I’m seeing I’m about to challenge on this half-dragon fool

Keep killing your family and you’ll be forever a loner

Dress more like today besides a homeless Thor poser

In my time, I learned how to grab you by the horns

By the end you and your troll friends will wish they never been born

My Hylian shield contains tons of protection unlike you

No one gets the medieval games; they don’t know what to do

Dragonborn: Edit

What’s with you kids today? Lay off the god damn “Rupees”

It never took you to realize that Sheik always had boobies

You’ll be needing Majora’s mask by the time I beat your ass

I would feel nothing after any of your weapon blasts

Your fans are faggots who never got any lives

And I only have one reason to use the Ocarina of Time

It’s for me to save Zelda from Ganon’s place

Then I took her to a chamber and I Fus Ro Dahed her face

Link: Edit

You think you’ll defeat me? Bitch, I have the longest bar of health

I can take of your Viking friends so come at me with a giant belch

Saying my fans are fags eh? Well you’re the one to see

When one of my fans happens to be the lovely Christina Grimmie

Dragonborn: Edit

Yeah, whoever that is; but that’s beside the point

You’ll be out of business when I take over your joint

Calling in the Animal Allegiance, “Raan Mir Taah!”

You are running away now, “Faas Ru Maar!”

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