Lucario VS Shadow- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 09-0

Lucario VS Shadow- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 09-0

Lucario vs Shadow

Cast Edit

Brandon Lorbes as Shadow and Omega

RLYoshi as Lucario

DarkLink4749 as Sir Aaron

Darkest Psychics

Lyrics Edit

Shadow: Edit

Now it’s time for the ultimate test with the ultimate life form

Every time you do your karate moves, it sounds like gay porn

I am Shadow the Hedgehog! You’re not even legendary

Your raps might be as lame as that rival faggot, Barry

Big deal, you got the aura, does that even exist?

You don’t wanna mess with me once these rings are off my wrists

Your master betrayed you because he didn’t want you anymore

Let’s slow this battle down a bit…CHAOS CONTROL!

Lucario: Edit

Did you think that shit would stop me? I’m faster than the speed of light 

If someone calls me Goku, then you’ll be in a hell of a fight

To me, I think you’d be better off being replaced with Mephilles

People wonder why you’re so emo, it’s because you got syphilis

I know where you’re coming from in every single direction

If Maria was killed by me, she’d die of a massive erection

I visited your partner Rouge and she found my secret treasure

Please allow Omega to wuss out on me, it would be my pleasure

Omega: Edit

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED; prepare to be eliminated

You in a Pokémon battle is foolish people would kill you cause you’re constipated

You were the hugest spoiler ever, saying the generations never stop

If you were being sold in a pet shop, you’re the last that they adopt

A wannabe legend is what you are and those aura spheres are as big as mine

You’re a little bitch; I bet you couldn’t tell a quarter to a dime

You sacrifice yourself to save Ash and to heal a god damn Mew

The chances of catching you is “That’s what I’m not gonna do”

Sir Aaron: Edit

Oh hell no, both of us are legends it’s time to get real

I think you were too stupid cause your noises can’t help you steal

Shadow, you should go back in that cloning machine to get some rest

Or at least eat a Snickers cause you’re not acting your best

We committed suicide to save the world; you probably wouldn’t do the same

Just stop wasting those chaos emeralds and start creating better games

Come at us if you want you pussies we don’t give a shit about your bitchin’

Of all the fucks and shits I had for you, I will never give them

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