Luigi Vs Tails- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Luigi Vs Tails- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Brandon Lorbes as Luigi

TheDHFilmsOfficial as Tails

MaNCHA as Rush

RandomBronyWhovian as Navi

Adam/Pool as Falco Lombardi

SuperThingsOnCups as Kazooie

PinkiesCupcake as Tifa Lockhart

WoodenHornets as Clank

Stofferex as Aku Aku

Mat4yo as CL4P-TP


Luigi: Edit

Lets a go! I've been forgotten but now it's my time to shine!

I'm Player 2, and you'll be screwed by this power of mine!

You think your so awesome I have my own damn year

It only took 20 years to make people see you're queer

I've got a Tale to tell this fail you're more frail than a rail bitch

You'll pale in comparison to me as I become your assistant

I'll take one of your tails and I'll fly out like I'm a Raccoon

I stick my tongue out at you just call me King Boo

Tails: Edit

Call me Tails Doll for now cause this shit is going to get bloody

Is there anybody who cares for Luigi? Nope! Nobody!

Watch me fly up to victory with my double tail power

I'll burn you up Jewigi like I've got the fire flower

Two tails, two verses, one verse will finish you just fine

You're just one little booger even a Goomba can make you cry

I'll ring you out Mr Green Stache, you're just a epic fail

So remember the day you tried to beat the one and only Tails

Luigi: Edit

It's embarrassing enough with your real name Miles

I'll finish you with millions of Dreamy Luigi's as we bury you in a dog pile

I'm rich ya fucking fox, I got a mother fucking mansion

There are lots of people who care for me, no need to mention them

Your wasting your life source as a bomb, you'll be dead in this fight

I'm going Mr. L on your ass so this time you'll be the one filled in fright

Here's one more sentence that'll leave your feelings broke you fuck

You're just like Daisy and the Poltergust 3000, YOU "SUCK"

Tails: Edit

Calm the hell down man, you're out of chaos control

Just because you're always ignored dosen't you can be an a-hole

You call yourself famous? You just had 2 freaking games!

You got a haunted mansion and still haven't got to your brother's fame

Call me Knuckles because I'm gonna knock you out with just one punch

You're nothing but a weak, spineless, wussy little, runt

You lost all your lives and you still will never win a fight by yourself

Even Toad would say no if you desperatly asked him for help

Rush: Edit

Its Rush on a rush to kick both of you lame asses out of this

I know Luigi here is still a virgin, he lied about having his first kiss

Being with Mega Man ever since, I'm a Mega Man's best friend

I'm faster than you both and more smarter than Dr. Wily's sick head

Luigi I'll beat you so bad like what Dedede did to you in Brawl

And Tails, nobody thinks that the second tail is cool at all

I'm taking Mega Man's victory back since he was last place in battle number 3

So I guess it's clear who won this battle, that's right IT'S ME!!!

Navi: Edit


I'll leave you with a terrible fate so call me Happy Mask Salesman

Luigi you're a loser, it says so right on your hat

Your enemy Bowser is too easy to beat because he's fat

And Tails, that birth effect made your own parents get rid of ya

Don't mess with the fairy that serves for Link and Zelda

Rush go be a normal dog, not Goddard from Jimmy Neutron

I'm not going to heal you guys so why don't you all fuck off?

Falco: Edit

Hey einsteins, time for you to barrel roll out of this

I'll run y'all over with my Landmaster, why don't these kids just quit?

You all have nowhere to run, I have every one of you locked

Just put your hands in the air and suck this cock's cock

I can take care of myself, I don't need any leader except myself

Navi's not the only one here dealing with a bunch of elves

I'm getting hungry like the Wolf, why don't you chumps fetch me some grub?

All of you pansies are WAY worse than the Starfox sub

Kazooie: Edit

SQUAK! Hey buttholes, I'm Kazooie the Red Canary

I got my buddy Banjo's back, and I'm sure I'm no annoying fairy

I'm filled with tons of rhymes, better than Grunty the Witch

With my eggs, you better not fuck with me don't call me a bitch

You're in Mumbo Jumbo trouble since you chosen to mess with me

You're all nothing but a bunch of stupid, childish, shitty, dickweeds

I can do tons of shit and I do it all in a fucking backpack

This is Kazooie on the kazoo coming in fresh on these tracks

Tifa: Edit

Settle down weaklings, time for your Final Fantasies bitch

Don't need a weapon to protect myself, I just use these fists

I been with my friend Cloud Strife ever since we were kids

So Kazooie, calm your bird ass, your voice is annoying as sin

Luigi, Tails, and Rush, just stop and get out right now

Or just stay here and accept your fates as I knock you three out

Navi listen, your a annoying squeaker and Falco's just a prick

I'm a true companion and I'm just a lady, you guys make me sick

Clank: Edit

I sense danger lurking, but it looks like a false alarm

My theory right now is that you fools aren't causing that much harm

This little robot is the most trustworthy partner you'll ever get

And honestly, all of you disgraces are the worst oppenents I ever met

Your all a bunch of Ratchets unlike my friend of course

Besides Tifa here, you're all just a pile of attention whores

Sure I may look small, but my power inside is so huge that its asurd ya dorks

So don't mess with this piece of metal cause I have the strength of Captain Qwark

Aku Aku: Edit

Don't mind if I Crash in? Time to lay a Tiki Doll Curse

It is I, Aku Aku! My duty is to give you your worst

I'm just a damn mask, lets see you try to beat my style

You all are disappointments to me, stop wasting my time

I shall fill your heads with N Sanity then I will control you titans

Looks like you all forgotten about the one you are fighting

You'll all be dead in the end and I will not give you a second life

As I show my true magic power, you'll all quiver in fright

CL4P-TP: Edit

You've crossed into the Borderlands leave while you still have your lives

My general purpose is to destroy you all, there's no need to hide

You shouldn't fuck with the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin

At least I can accept to be target practice for bandits

Luigi's a pussy, Tails is a freak, Rush is a prick, Navi won't shut up

Falco's a douche, Kazooie's a bitch, Tifa's a slut, Clank and Aku...UGH

Its so easy to diss you guys theres so many to get

Looks like you guys are, you're not dead yet?

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