Mario Vs Mega Man REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-1417978711

Mario Vs Mega Man REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-1417978711


Frenzy as Mario

Brandon Lorbes as Mega Man

Nico Raimont as Sonic the Hedgehog

Lyrics Edit

Mario: Edit

Do I really have to say who I am? ITS A ME MARIO!

You really disappoint me when I found out you were in the new Smash Bros

I been running shit since the 80s you're shooting pellets with a BB hand gun

Every Nintendo fan should know that Imma number one

You're must be insane like Dr. Wily if you wish to step up to me

While you're out fighting robots I'm having sex with Peach and Pauline

I'm just a plumber riding dinosaurs and saving worlds and galaxies

You're so weak that they didn't put you in Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Mega Man: Edit

You say it's like you always have super powers just because you're high on shrooms 

It looks you're putting on some weight I'd suggest lay off the Italian food

I can burn you like I'm Flame Man I don't need a Fire Flower

You spent too much time in the sewers how about you take a shower?

You're fighting living mushrooms with no hands and weird turtle troopers

While I'm fighting androids other evil robots of the future

I come with better spits like how Petey Piranha throws up

I'm gonna beat you so bad plumber, and your last words will be...

Mario: Edit

Mama Mia! It's getting crazy now it's time to get things Super

I'll shove a wrench right up your ass and leave you with a giant tumor

Mega Man: Edit

I'm a star in Japan they all call me Rock Man

You must be a bad boyfriend cause Peach is smacking you with a frying pan

Mario: Edit

My rhymes are flowing like it's Super Mario Sunshine

And in the end, I'm gonna strangle you with Donkey Kong's vines

Mega Man: Edit

Luigi has better moves than you even with his taunt kick

You ruined this battle just like you ruined every single Olympics

Mario: Edit

Hey don't blame me, blame Sonic, he lowered my fame status

If you think of trying to beat me, then I think you need some more practice

Mega Man: Edit

My animated series is ten times better than your Super Show

So let's start the battle already or in your case, LETS A GO

Sonic: Edit

Sonic's the name, speeds my game

You two guys are about to get maimed

All I need is speed to beat ya

I don't need mushrooms, flowers, or Peach-a

Time to die Mario, time to get away

Mega Man,HEY! Dude, you're just gay

Mega Fag is a Mega Drag

Mario, you're Peach is a huge ho

Better get on Yoshi and run away

You two guys are like seriously lame

Mega Man: Edit

Go back to Green Hill Zone and spend some time with your psycho, Amy

Sonic: Edit

Have you tried my games? C'mon, try and play me

Mario: Edit

My games' stories are longer than yours you finish a level in under a minute

Sonic: Edit

Call me Super Smash because I'll kick your Super Ass

Mega Man: Edit

You should slow down cause you'll get tons of tickets for speeding

Sonic: Edit

And you too get tickets because you never stop eating

Mario: Edit

You're just the animal rip-off of Goku try to do something more original

Mega Man: Edit

We'll take your rings and Chaos Emeralds cause we're the true kings of digital

Sonic: Edit


Come on boys, this will take a while

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