Mario Vs Mega Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 03-0

Mario Vs Mega Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 03-0


B-Lo Lorbes as Mario, Mega Man, and Sonic The Hedgehog

Superstar Rivalry

Lyrics Edit

Mario: Edit

It’s-a-me Mario! All you guys know who I am

And I’m about to stomp down on this midget, Mega Man

All the bitches been with me since the classic 80s

Your fame went down the green pipe “Talk to the hand,” says Daisy

The main enemy that you’re fighting is ripped off from Sonic’s games

Those little lasers and robot stories has gone down the drain

I’m just a little plumber and I’m riding dinosaurs

You ain’t even in Marvel vs. Capcom; the creators say you’re a bore

Mega Man: Edit

Mega Man isn’t here to get beat by a guy high on shrooms

You’re cock blocking Bowser; he’s still trying to find a room

I don’t need a fire flower to say that you got burned

Just give me that yellow cape so when I exit, Imma turn

What enemies are Goombas and Koopas? I mean what the fuck?

It’s cruel you abandon your friend just to get an extra jump

I spit so hard that my bites are better than your Piranhas

I’ll beat you so bad that your last words will be…

Mario: Edit

Mama Mia, gotta say, your rhymes are really good

But I wonder what’ll happen when I put you in a black neighborhood

Mega Man: Edit

I don’t know what’s wrong with that; all the races love me

I’ll steal all of your bitches, even Peach and Pauline

Mario: Edit

You can keep the red dressed bitch; she’s such a fucking hoe

Why not quit while you’re at it hearing Super Mario Sunshine flow?

Mega Man: Edit

Luigi has better moves than you even with one wimpy kick

What kind of game is it when you ruined the damn Olympics?

Mario: Edit

No! Sonic is just a reject from Dragon Ball Z

Why not try to be something people actually want to see?

Mega Man: Edit

I have my own animated series; you got your Super Show

Both you and Sonic have just got owned

Sonic: Edit

Snazzy performance guys; you got some awesome bars

But now your asses will die by someone faster than a car

Mario? Mari-NO! Lay off the pasta you fat ass pig

To me, it’s just weird you use mushrooms to get big

Mega Man, you’re a boy fighting someone who copied Eggman

Your brain is small as a yolk of an egg man

“Sonic’s the name, speeds my game.” That’s like the Sega motto

Now both your asses are owned, three words: You’re too slow

Mario: Edit

I got more games bitch, kids can’t keep track with you

Sonic: Edit

And I can beat you with better Super Smash moves

Mega Man: Edit

How about you let us finish our battle? Go back to Amy bro

Sonic: Edit

Your name might be Mega Man, but to me, you should be Zero

Mario: Edit

Why the hell are you here? You’re a pet of Goku

Sonic: Edit

I’m a Super Saiyan? Thanks! So what goes on for you?

Mega Man: Edit

How about I steal all your rings so you won’t pay tickets for your speed?

Sonic: Edit

And how about you get a life, suck a dick, and get happy?

See? I finished the lines for you; I am fucking fast as hell

The level’s almost finished by the time you hear the bells

Hey announcer, wrap it up, this battle’s almost done

When it comes to games and rap, I am THE number one

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