Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong 2- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-0

Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong 2- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-0


Brandon Lorbes as Mike Tyson, Donkey Kong, and Himself



Welcome back bitch! You up for another round?

I'm glad you're out your coma to hear how worse your raps sound

Fly like a butterfly? Sting like a bee?

Well I charge like a rhino and I punch like Muhammed Ali

Your little scene in Hangover was so fucking stupid

Don't make me diss your ass again, so just look kid

Just ask my buddy Funky who's the cool one in this fight

I spit so hard that you actually feel the rhymes of might

Soaring in like a plane that took down King Kong

So you can just suck my big, fat, long, Donkey Schlong

Don't try to spit back, the janitor will have hard work

Here's a dictionary, try to say some words right this time, jerk


I'll strangle you with that tie and shove bananas up your ass

Then I'll rip out your ear and just throw it in the trash

I'll Punch Out you and all of your little monkey boys

At least I didn't go ape shit on some Mini Mario Toys

You stole Mario's old bitch and you ran away when he just came in

Now you guys are like friends, what'd you do, suck his dick?

The Donkey Kong Country TV show makes you look ugly as hell

C'mon let's do this shit! Somebody ring the fucking bell

I'm King K Rooling what you gonna do nigga steal my bike?

That Candy Kong slut of yours looks like a fucking dyke!

You joined Nintendo just to get fame from Mario

Now why don't you take your stupid barrels and just go home?


Lets get on like me, Donkey Kong, its time to retire Mikey

In the Wii version of Punch Out, they replaced you with me

I'm the original, digital, principle animal of Nintendo

You're ass is more of a disappointment than fucking King Hippo

By the end, I'll take your belt, for I am the true heavyweight champ

The last battle you say youre a poet, BUT I DON'T GIVE A CRAP

Even Tiny Kong can kick your ass its pretty young for her age

So let's go Tyson, let's do this shit, let's take this to the cage


I held titles of WBC, WBA, and IBF at 20

Wanna bet if you can take this boxer down? Here, have a penny

Like I said, DK is short for dick, looks like you haven't changed a bit

I should come out of retirement just so I can make you quit

My name is M Tyson, not that guy from Street Fighter

Your rapping is even lamer than you in Super Mario Strikers

94 wins before and now its up to 95

Donkey, don't think you're gonna take down Kid Dynamite


Your boxing style Peek a Boo, is the biggest pussy style

And I'm gonna embarrass you more than you little rape trial

The Baddest Man on the Planet? Who the hell came up with that?

I should call you Chunky Kong cause you're getting a bit fat


Ok I admit, Donkey Kong 64 was a good game

But Donkey Kong Countries 2 and 3, those were really lame

I'll Klap Trap you into a choke hold and then pummel you to the ground

You ready to rumble bitch? Who has the worse raps now?


Don't underestimate the power that the DK Punch has to bring

You won't win this rematch you ass, you're raps do nothing


Aw you gonna cry? WELL C'MON STAND THE FUCK UP!!!

Its not like getting spanked from Cranky Kong was enough

  • punch* (Tyson gets KO'd)




Whoa dude what the hell?

It's just a rap battle!


I'm sorry its just he took it to far

I couldn't help it


You...gotta work on that anger...

That was just intense...


Dude what you...


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