Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 01

Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 01


Brandon Lorbes as Mike Tyson and Donkey Kong

Test Your Might


Mike Tyson:Edit

Looks like this ape wants to come at my good aim and precision

If you want to fuck with me, you’ll have to get through my pet pigeons

I’ll punch your lights out; I’m the one thing that you fear

So come out the tree house and battle me you primian queer

You might have the big muscles but you just throw them useless barrels

I fought your entire Nintendo crew, left them in peril

So step to the ring and fight me you silly little ape

With a hook to the jaw, it’s like Saw, there is no escape

Donkey Kong:Edit

Since 1981, I have been in this game

Your ass is the reason that boxing has gotten lame

You should stop biting that tongue you diabetic fuck

That tattoo melted through your head and your skills are losing luck

Little Mac can your ass so that means I can punch you out

You see this fist? I’m the reason what strength is all about

You don’t spit any rhymes you just literally SPIT

One more tip before you’re dissed, one word: QUIT

Mike Tyson:Edit

Bitch, I’m a fucking poet, you’re a banana eating chimp

Just fight me like a man; you’ll become the meaning of wimp

There’s only one reason why your initials are that way

It means dick, starts with a D and ends with a K

Donkey Kong:Edit

You better watch the language Mike cause your drool’s escaping your lip

My raps are banana peels and I got you to slip

I’ll get the giant hammer to fix those British looking teeth

I eat fruit to be strong, you just eat KFC beef

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