Nathan Drake Vs Solid Snake- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 06-0

Nathan Drake Vs Solid Snake- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 06-0

Nathan Drake vs Solid Snake

Cast Edit

Brandon Lorbes as Nathan Drake, Solid Snake, and Colonel

Akes of Battle

Lyrics Edit

Snake: Edit

It’s ShowTime! Your adventure’s gonna be over

My skills in war and combat is wilder than your parkour

By, the end, your ass will be confused, you’ll be the one “Uncharted”

Your wife, Elena, came to me and you are now broken hearted

You think you might be the revival of a dead English explorer?

You’re rival in PlayStation is a raccoon; that’s just a horror

Indiana Jones is who you were inspired by and he thinks that you should stop

And I was the reason that Treyarch created Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nathan Drake: Edit

Let me tell you something David, you’re wearing too much pockets

No one cares about your guns, grenades, or any of your god damn rockets

I hunt for treasure and I’m seeking fortune while you have sex with Otacon

Number 1 Foxhound soldier? Congrats! But you’re no Big Boss son

Because of Shadow Moses and Patriots, you became a terrorist

Then faked your death to just to help your ninja friend in the Big Shell incident

My lovely wife, Elena, saying she’s cheating on me?

I’ll talk her out of it and I’ll start a threesome with your bitch Mei Ling

Snake: Edit

Hey Colonel, what do you have to say about this dirty, show-off punk?

Colonel: Edit

To be honest, I just think this guy is about to get fucked

Snake: Edit

Agree! Now drop and give me twenty Nate! I’m about to show off all my hate

Get the reference I’m about to make, “You make me irate!”

Nathan Drake: Edit

You think I’m about listen to a colonel who has the same name as soup?

By the way, that thing about Mei Ling is true; I got her yelling “WHOOP!”

In the words of Kratos, no one knew you since Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Now go cry inside your cardboard box and wait for no one to call

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