Solid Snake Vs Nathan Drake REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Solid Snake Vs Nathan Drake REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


Stofferex as Solid Snake

Brandon Lorbes as Nathan Drake and Colonel Campbell

Lyrics Edit

Solid Snake: Edit

It's showtime! Have I kept you waiting Mr. Nathan Drake?

You're not gonna find any treasure by parkouring all over the place

Your life is so confusing, no wonder your game's called Uncharted

I'll be taking your wife Elena, leaving you all broken-hearted

Revival of a legendary English explorer? Well who fucking knew?

You think you can beat me when you can't beat your rival racoon?

You ripped off Indiana Jones so how about you just stop?

I'm the reason that Treyarch created Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nathan Drake: Edit

You know David those pockets of yours are making you put on weight

You're just miserable because Mei Ling wouldn't want you out on a date

Honestly the perfect match for you would be your sidekick, Otacon

You may be number one in FOXHOUND but you aren't the Big Boss

Ever since you were in Shadow Moses, you turned into a terrorist

You were replaced by Raiden in Metal Gear: Vengeance

You battling dosent make any sense like when you appeared in Brawl

So just wait back in your cardboard box in the streets since no one will call

Solid Snake: Edit

Colonel, what the hell does this guy think he is?

Colonel Campbell: Edit

I don't know but you look pissed this guys gonna be put in a risk

Solid Snake: Edit

Okay then, Drake, it's time we lock you up away from this island

Looks like your little treasure hunts are now about to end

Nathan Drake: Edit

Ah shut up, I'm gonna cook me up some Colonel Campbell soup

You're getting pissed at me? I wasn't even TRYING to be rude

Put away your grenades, guns, and rockets, cause you're out of ammo

Cause we all know you'll never be in the newest Super Smash Bros

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