Olimar Vs Sackboy- Gaming All Star Rap Battles EARTH DAY SPECIAL

Olimar Vs Sackboy- Gaming All Star Rap Battles EARTH DAY SPECIAL


Brandon Lorbes as Olimar

SuperCoolGuyJoe as Sackboy

HarryPotter2875 as Red Pikmin

SuperThingsonCups as Yellow Pikmin

TheSuperPlushyBros as Blue Pikmin

Lyrics Edit

Olimar: Edit

It seems that there's another species on this little unknown world

But I see nothing but a rag doll who was thrown away by some little girl

You created your own world with a bunch of stickers and yarn?

It would take more than a month to make you see I don't give fucking darn

I'm so reliable to my people, I mean they do all the things for me

They repaired my crashed ship and they also helped my company

All tear you apart, rip out your stuffing and I'll force you to kiss my sack boy

You have no reason to live, you're nothing but a child's play toy

Sackboy: Edit

You can call yourself a space adventurer but one thing you can't deny

Is that the 2nd time you visited the Pikmin, you left your partner Louie behind

You think you call your little slaves a whole planet of worshippers?

I mean you abilities give you enough use to hire you as my gardener

You're intruding this Little Big Planet, leave while you have the chance

I'm gonna pound you through your helmet how about a little dance?

If I can take down The Big Daddy, I can handle this big-nosed midget

And don't you think you can save yourself with your little pesty friends

Olimar & Pikmin: Edit

(Olimar) You calling these guys pests? (Red) It's time to give some real burns 

(Yellow) Let's let Master Olimar take a break and we'll make this guy learn 

(Blue) That he's made a mistake coming here so let's send him back to the toybox

(Olimar) Alrighty Pikmin, show this nutsack what you guys got!

(Red) We risk our lives for some treasure (Blue) What have you done in your life?

(Yellow) Think you can harm us? (Blue) All you got is art supplies

(Olimar) You're all burned, shocked, and wet at the same time, how does that feel?

(Red) So when you Pik with these Min (Yellow) We're gonna make this crossdresser squeal

Narrator: Edit

Looks like our little friend is getting dissed by these bugs

Sackboy plans his last verse for his one hundred percent chance to win this battle

He thinks it real through while Olimar and the Pikmin wonder what he'll say

Looks like Sackboy thought of his rhymes 

Let's see if his opponents can take it

Sackboy: Edit

You're little seed friends are a worse team than those new guys in Pikmin 3

Not just the new Pikmin, I'm talking about Alph, Charlie, and Brittany

You say it's worth a lot when you sell an oversized bottle cap?

Well I'm about to Popit with my Sackbots as they annihilate your ass

If I'm a doll to you guys, then what does that make you?

Pikmin are just a bunch of ladybugs and Olimar, a asian jew?

Don't blow your whistle, I'm sure no one would blow the one in your pants

Since this battle is done already, how about I just stomp you guys like ants?

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