Phoenix Wright Vs Professor Layton- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Phoenix Wright Vs Professor Layton- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Brandon Lorbes as Phoenix Wright

Kevin Krust as Professor Layton

AccordionChick as Maya Fey

SuperThingsOnCups as Luke Triton

Lyrics Edit

Phoenix: Edit

HOLD IT! No need to be introduced, my name is in the title

I'm here to finish this case quick so let me take out my files

We may have had a crossover on the Nintendo DS

But when I overlooked your detective work, all I got was a bunch of BS

Professor Hershel Layton, shouldn't you be in L.A. Noire?

With that stupid hat of yours, I'm surprised you haven't solved any cases so far

Go back to Gressen-HELL-er, I'm gonna be your Last Specter

By the time I have you locked up, I'll give you your Unwound Future

Layton: Edit

So you say you're an Ace Attorney huh? Don't be a joker

It's time you Wright up your resignation, go back to playing Poker

You hate the way I dress? Look at your god damn hair!

I see you were a pianist back then well nobody cares

All your unsolved cased clients will now come over to my side

Cause you can never find the solution of a mystery without a fight

I'm representing London, you represent Sonic the Hedgehog

Now prepare to feel the rhymes with tons of Layton

Phoenix: Edit

OBJECTION! It's time I introduce to you my first witness

She's a top knot chick, ace spiritualist, and my assistant

She's gonna prove my point that you'll die with your girlfriend's grave

Your honor, I will now call up to the stand, Maya Fey

Layton: Edit

OBJECTION BACK AT YA! I wanna introduce you to a someone from me

He's been on my side ever since I met him in Misthallery

And he's gonna prove to YOU that your facts are nothing but flukes

Let's keep this going, I call to the stand, my apprentice, Luke

Maya Fey: Edit

Enter the Spirt Medium-In-Training here to put this kid to bed

Just like Layton's girl I'll leave your 10 year old ass dead

It isn't hard to find a loop hole around your horrible rhymes

In fact your terrible lyrics should be considered a crime 

Quit talking to animals, Ace Ventura, it's no impressive skill dude

Your friendship with Flora makes me laugh like the name, Dick Gumshoe

Your chances of winning this battle is rare like you taking off your hat

How can you lead your master to sucess if all you do is talk to cats?

Luke Triton: Edit

Here's Trition, and I'm gonna be making these fools dying

That mystery is true in this book I see, and I ain't lying

You used to be a waitress so how about you go and get me a drink?

You helped in some trials but the one thing you couldn't do was think

I'm like the Watson to the Sherlock, the Robin to The Batman

Can we solve a case that's hard to crack? The answer is YES WE CAN

The name is Luke Trition last name after the Son of Posiedon

So leave like how you're mother felt about the DL-6 Incident

Maya Fey: Edit

Such bullshit! You're raps are disgusting like your "legendary" appetite

I have the Edgeworth chance of beating you with my feminine might

I have my Wrights as the co-counsel and it's the future I've earned

So I'm gonna shatter you into pieces just like I did to the Sacred Urn

Luke Triton: Edit

No puzzle, not even a bitch can stop Layton's apprentice

You're making me lose my temper so suck my British dick

This little boy will kick your ass leaving you with blisters

Now I sentence this bitch to death just like they did to your sister

Phoenix: Edit

You have no more evidence to prove if you were the better rapper

Everything about your raps skills are nothing but pure crap sir

I don't have time for you, I have to be with Marvel Vs Capcom, now I'm late

So I guess this court is now adjourned so let's say that I rest my case

Layton: Edit

A gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved so let's put together the pieces

Every rhyme you spit smells worse than your barn full of feces

I think I've solved the mystery, that's right, I've got it figured now

That you're nothing but a finger pointer so get the fuck out

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