Pit Vs Kratos 2- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-0

Pit Vs Kratos 2- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2-0


Brandon Lorbes as Pit and Kratos

Lyrics Edit

Kratos: Edit

How the fuck are you alive? I sliced your puny wings

And then I left you to rot and wait for the heavenly angels sing

Pit: Edit

I’m an angel too dumbass, I’m already dead with your parents

Get ready to be dissed 300 reject, prepare for the 2nd challenge

Kratos: Edit

Okay then, you’ve been warned that you’re about to be destroyed

Don't think you can damage me with all of your baby toys

The Blade of Olympus could cause more than a paper cut

Count how many times does it take for me to kick this angel's butt

You see these scars? It was when Palutena was having a good time 

These chains can never hold me and I can break through any grime

I’m standing in front of a childish slave who can’t fly on his own

Hey Pit, Hawkeye called, he wants you to return his bow

Pit: Edit

Coming back, new and improved, servant of the Goddess of Light

Now my raps will be harder than three-headed Hewdraw bite

I’ll burn and bitch slap you at the same time with Burning Palm

This will be fast because I’ll beat you with these Brawler Claws

I’m taking out the EZ Cannon because this is an easy round

Don’t get annoyed cause I’ll swing these orbitars around

My Compact Arm gives enough revenge to leave you in pain

After you die, I’ll show Aphrodite my nice little Burst Blade

Kratos: Edit

Your newest story got us confused with the alien encounters

You wouldn’t be alive because of us; the Gods were the Earth’s founders

The mirror shield isn’t able to stop me, it’s good luck if I break it

Plus the Chaos Kin got you to sacrifice when he took hostage of Dark Pit

Pit: Edit

You’re a bigger fag than Hades and uglier than Monstrous Medusa

If you even had a girl of your own, we know you’ll still abuse her

I’m gonna finally end you with a smash with the Magnus Club

I’ll beat you so bad, it’s like Viridi dropped the Reset Bomb

Kratos: Edit

You got friend zoned by a goddess, you friend zoned “The Lightning Flash”

You were stupid to get Viridi and you just missed to see Pandora’s past

Don’t look at my Reaper eyes or I’ll go ballistic on your ass

I’ll just shoot you in the head with your little flintlock staff

I’m filled with immortality just like the almighty phoenix

You had too much drinks of the gods and no one wants to see your little penis

My strength is even bigger than the rage of Hades’ heart

So you’ll need the Three Sacred Treasures, you little angel fart

Pit: Edit

Well, you asked for this asshole, prepare to be pwned

You think my love life is bad? Your drawers won’t let you bone

You were winning this battle before but now as you can see

While you were staring blankly, I shot an arrow of light to your knee

You feel the pressure on you Kratos? Well, you should feel it hurt

Because I did just more than rapped out your ass and got you burned

Look down at your chest; I just took you out with the Palutena Blade 

So victory is mine bitch, Skyworld’s gonna celebrate today

Kratos: Edit

I don’t think you’ll be celebrating.

Pit: Edit

Why not?

Kratos: Edit

Look down at your chest.

Pit: Edit

What the f…

Kratos: Edit

Yeah. Blade of Olympus bitch.

Pit: Edit

You bastard.

Kratos: Edit

Well, payback’s a bitch.

Pit: Edit

You know I’ll be back.

Kratos: Edit

Doubt it…

*Both pass away*

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