Pit Vs Kratos REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-3

Pit Vs Kratos REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-3


Brandon Lorbes as Pit

MaNCHA as Kratos

Lyrics Edit

Pit: Edit

Looks like the top two fighters of the gods are about to go face to face

And the servant of the Goddess of Light is about to put this rager in his place

I'll burn you alive and like you're parents you'll turn to ashes

I took lots of your Gods and I just owned all their weak-asses

You support the Atheists, you're killing Gods, they say there's no such thing

You're nothing but a faker, Kratos I have the true Icarus wings

You better leave cause my raps are Level 9, intense

You turned me to stone just like Medusa, you look like an ugly ass wench

Kratos: Edit

You think I'm the cause Atheists? You do the same thing as me

You're the little kid's edition of me I'm making things bloody and gory

Pit is a weird ass name! Smash Bros is what gave you fame

You're a scrawny ass bitch my strength is giving me the babes

I’m the God of War, no, I'm not Ares I'm strong to be in Mortal Kombat

You're worst opponent was Thanatos because he was fucking fat

Fly by yourself little birdy quit letting Palutena hold your hand

Now you will feel the true pain you experience from Olympus' land

Pit: Edit

I have tons of weapons to choose from you just ripped off Leonidas

You want to challenge Skyworld? You wouldn't have a chance to fight us

You went all power hungry and killed off your parents in the process

I'm gonna fly out so how about you work on your rusty skills you novice?

Kratos: Edit

You're desperate to find love and your first choice is someone older?

You're a puny little wimp while my power makes me bolder

I’ll rip off the wings like the real Icarus and send you to a bottomless pit

And I'll land right on top of you finishing you with a Sparta Kick

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