Pit Vs Kratos- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 02

Pit Vs Kratos- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 02


Brandon Lorbes as Pit and Kratos

Godly Challengers



Yo Kratos, let me tell you who you’re about to fight

I am Pit! Servant of the Goddess of Light

It’s weird that you turned white putting on your parents’ ashes

I took lots of Gods back then and I owned their weak-asses

You’re the reason Atheists are made, it’s why they said there’s no God

I’m stronger than you and I have a skinnier bod

Might wanna leave cause I got Level 9, intense bars

I’ll flip my blades like batons and say “Victory is ours!”


I’m the cause of Atheists? You killed the same people I did

I beat better versions of Gods, these ones are MORE big

What kind of warrior name is Pit? No one knew you since Brawl

If you wanna know what power is, I’m the greatest of them all

Mother fucker, I’m the God of War, I made an appearance in MK9

By the words of Hades and Shang Tsung, your soul is fucking mine

I finish my work alone; you need Palutena’s help to fly

I’d say I’m sorry but the mighty don’t apologize


You’re a Leonidas rip-off; I have a lifetime supply of weapons

I heard better comebacks from a manager at a 7-11

You’re a lone wolf who killed his family just to get more power

When I step to the battlefield, mighty warriors become cowards


Kid of Icarus? You’re a virgin desperate for a Goddess

And she’s out of your league and older, try to be more modest

I’ll rip off the wings like your dad and throw Pit into a pit

You’ll get a slow, painful death like I gave you a Sparta kick

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