Pokemon Trainer VS Wii Fit Trainer- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 12

Pokemon Trainer VS Wii Fit Trainer- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 12

Pokemon Trainer vs Wii Fit Trainer


Brandon Lorbes as Wii Fit Trainer

MCGamingFTW as Pokemon Trainer

Justin Buckner as Squirtle

MaNCHA as Ivysaur

RLYoshi as Charizard


Wii Fit Trainer:Edit

Breathe in, breathe out, because it’s the last you’re gonna have

You’ve been exploring the world to much; you need to take a bath

I am the most relaxed trainer; and I have abs of steel and iron

And just like my good man, Gandhi, I also spit yoga fire

How many generations does it take to get all your fans back?

The answer is zero and your virgin ass has the smallest Poké Ball sack

The whole world gets so fit that I make the Snorlax evolution backwards

You haven’t even had sex that you couldn’t make your Caterpie grow faster

Pokemon Trainer:Edit

You gotta be kidding me…its super effective? I need to bring out the big guys… come on guys


If you’re gonna be working out, here’s one thing you need to know for sure


Just do what Abra always does and just fucking Teleport


The reason that people buy your game and they’re still looking fat


Is because they always cheat just by pushing their hands on the pad


My name is Squirtle, using Water Gun on all the big Jigglypuffs


And Ivysaur spitting Bullet Seeds; you are not all that buff or tough


When the two of us are set up to battle, it makes you want to scream and shout


Because with the moves we’ll combine, it’ll give you a one hit knockout

Wii Fit Trainer:Edit

The relaxed emotion I’m in? FUCK THAT SHIT!

I’m coming to Smash Bros bitch, so I’ll smash you with my fists

Making every Jynx dance with my hula hoops

I trained fatties so much to make Slowpoke juke

Squirtle, quit squirting that Hydro Pump

You’re the worst starter; you weak-ass turtle cunt

Ivysaur prepare to feel the burn in your core

Because by the end of this, I’ll make you “Venus-sore”

Squirtle and Ivysaur Edit




We’re down

Pokemon Trainer:Edit

Well I guess you’re my only hope buddy. Let's show these bitches what we do back in pallet town!


We saved the best for last; Charizard is here to Fire Blast

You won’t even win this fight even though you’re rapping is fast

Did you really think that working out is going to make you get laid?

Well, you’re wrong; hell I don’t even think you get your daily pay

You’re too much of a whore; even PSY won’t take you out

We’re going to a 6th generation; hopfully you won’t go cry and pout

I don’t even need a big verse; I can just beat you with this last line

The reason you lost this battle is because you’re a chick and you’re white

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Rap Battle (Karaoke)Edit


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