(EASTER) Rabbids Vs Warioware- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(EASTER) Rabbids Vs Warioware- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


Brandon Lorbes as Rabbid #1 and Jimmy T

MaNCHA as Rabbid #2

TheSuperPlushyBros as Rabbid #3

Frenzy as #4

Rap Battles of Video Game All Stars as Wario

AccordionChick as Mona Pizza

Stofferex as Ashley

Lyrics Edit

Rabbids: Edit

Rabbid 1:

AHHHHHH!!! Who the hell are these drunk bastards?

This bunch of misfits will be bowing down to their new masters

Rabbid 2: Edit

I don't know Wario-Where to start, there's so much retards to diss

We got a fatass, an MJ fanboy, a weird witch, and slutty bitch Edit

Rabbid 3: Edit

Looks like Mario fired you from the company, why am I not surprised?

What happened? Did you fart and the garlic stench make everyone blind?

Rabbid 4: Edit

You're game is just making people do one simple task, that's dumb

We're so awesome to even get our own show on Nickelodeon

Warioware: Edit

Wario: Edit

Are these guys rapping or are did just hear an ambulance go by?

No ear-raping is necessary everyone's sense of hearing will die

Mona Pizza: Edit

Are these rab-bitches on adredaline? They're so fucking wild

This slice of pizza is coming in hot, you want it spicy or mild?

Jimmy T: Edit

OW! Time to groove as we rip off these bunnies' feet

Giving us all good luck and dance our rhymes to victory

Ashley: Edit

I'll cast a spell coming up with the one diss to win against these whores

Let's mention you guys aren't even in Rayman's games anymore

Rabbids: Edit

Rabbid #3 Edit

Time to invade these pricks, take their business down now

Rabbid #1 Edit

We don't need that stupid Rayman we're still the one that takes the crown

Rabbid #2 Edit

Where do you find these guys? Its like you were hired in the streets

Rabbid #4 Edit

Before this battle is done, these bunnies will have you beat

Rabbid #2 Edit

What's the story in all your games? Its just a bunch of random shit

Rabbid #1

You guys are about to get it let's see if you can handle our Dribble and Spitz

Rabbid #3

So what's our point you ask? Well let us make this clear and clean

All: Edit


Warioware: Edit

Mona: Edit

Your curiosity is leading to you freaks into so much trouble

Ashley: Edit

These guys are the only ones that don't look that cute or adorable

Wario: Edit

I'll pummel your asses down, so come to me and my gang

Somebody call Elmer Fudd that Wabbid Season is back again

Jimmy: Edit

We're gonna put you in little graves and then we'll moonwalk right over ya

Mona: Edit

You guys are even weak to fight against that viking fairy, Betilla

Wario: Edit

We made tons of cash thanks to this muscle man with the zig zag mustache

Ashley: Edit

Let's wrap it up these rabbits with rabies are starting to give me a rash

Rabbids: Edit

All: Edit

You just made a mistake when you stepped into the Rabbids land

(#2) We know the fatass here is gay (#1) Look how he dresses as Wario Man

(#4) We'll leave you in shock bringing 9 Volts and 18 Volts

(#2) Thinking of rhymes so fast getting smarter than Dr. Crygor

(#3) Nobody cares about you guys just like how no one cares for Globox

(#1) You made thousands on your games, well we don't give any fucks

(#2) Be careful you Young Crickets, we're taking over like Orbulon

It's time we go out and rave so, garlic lovers, BRING IT ON

Warioware: Edit

(Wario) Don't try to act all Ubi-Soft (Ashley) You're show on Nick lowered your fame

(Mona) You're like the minions from Despicable Me (Jimmy) Challenging us is insane

(Wario) How do you think you can hurt us when all you have is a plunger?

(Ashley) Like Wario already put through enough when his other plumber brothers

(Mona) You had you're own amusement park? Well we got a corporation

(Wario) For me I got my own land (Mona) Okay, now let's not make things hasted

(Jimmy) Alright cool cats how about we finally make our final pwn

(All) Why don't you just do us all a favor Rabbids and just Go Home?

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