Ridley Vs Sigma- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Ridley Vs Sigma- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


WoodenHornets as Ridley

Adam/Pool as Sigma

Brandon Lorbes as Mega Man

AccordionChick as Samus

Lyrics Edit

Ridley: Edit

My troops have informed me that there's a Lex Luthor wannabe 

And he sent an invitation that he wants to step up to me

Well I accept your foolish challenge, this'll be a piece of cake

I can't stand looking at you, you're more ugly than fucking Mother Brain

You call yourself evil, I killed Samus' parents when she was a child

I'm made of Chozo technology, take down this pterodactyl if you can try

So sad, your plans failed because of a little boy with his little blaster

I'm in High Command of the Space Pirates, so bow down before your master

Sigma: Edit

HAHAHAHA!!! You're no master of mine, I'll kill this bird with just one stone

You killed the girl's parents because your molesting ass wanted to bone

I was the first Reploid made by Dr. Cain to ever walk upon this Earth

When I look at you, I know why Samus gets posttraumic stress disorder

The Mavericks are in my command, you just got brains that like to suck

Just like trying to survive through Metroid: Other M, you're just fucked

I'll rip out your guts and I'll feed them to my pet, Velguarder

If you try to comeback with rhymes, you need to work a bit harder

Ridley: Edit

Bitch I got like seven different forms I can use to kick your ass

Let me talk about what they are, so you know who your against

First its me, then Ridley Robot, Meta Ridley, Omega Ridley

Mystery Creature, Neo-Ridley, Ridley-2, and the Little Birdie

I wouldn't even need these forms because I can beat you just fine

Cause I'm not afraid to fight a dickhead, spitting beams with these lines

I'll mark an X on wherever I decide to strike my claws in first

Get ready Eggman rip off, your death will be your worst

Sigma: Edit

You get defeated by a woman isn't that embarrassing for you already?

I'd tell you how much chance you're gonna have, only if you quit being a pussy

Your more insane than Dr. Wily, and he's the true Eggman rip off

And I got disses that burn you in places you couldn't think of

Look at my machines through these generations, and you'll be afraid

You'll be hearing a Gray Voice in your head right after you get maimed

The villians might always fail, but in this battle, that's gonna change


(Ship enters)

Mega Man: Edit

Not this time Dickma, I'm gonna stop you to make your plans fail

Me and Samus gonna diss you both out, put your asses back in jail

Samus: Edit

Looks like Sigma was wrong about the villians going to win

We beat you guys a million times so that means we can do it again

Mega Man: Edit

We're the Mega winners, Buster, so just suck this Mega Buster

Don't think you can entertain us, you guys ain't fucking jesters

Samus: Edit

We can destroy you both without the help with our suits

So bring it on you queers, send in your best troops

Mega Man: Edit

Now Sigma, just give up, you've been causing enough trouble today

You can't beat us no matter how big your machines can be

Samus: Edit

And Ridley I ain't scared of you no more, not at all

Get down on the ground and suck my suit's Morph Ball

Mega Man: Edit

We be the one's representing in Super Smash Brothers 4

Coming packed with awesome moves wiping bitches off the floors

Samus: Edit

You guys will never learn, you can't kill us, we got more lives

And if you return again, then you better run and hide

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