Sgt. Frog Vs Sgt

Sgt. Frog Vs Sgt. Roebuck- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 07-0

Sgt. Frog vs Sgt. Roebuck

Cast Edit

Brandon Lorbes as Sgt. Frog and Sgt. Roebuck

Sergeant Logic


Sgt. Frog:Edit

Actually, my good man, my name is Sergeant Keroro,

I'm original from the Game and Watch, while you play with dildos

The leader of Armpit Platoon, while you were in the Invasion of Peleliu

I was made in asia, and little trolls play Call of Doo-doo!

You don't know me? Bitch, nobody likes you either,

I bet those bullets are bigger than your microscopic weiner!

Who gives a shit if you were in the United States Marines?

Get shot in the ankles and get on your knees so I'll use you as a latrine!

Sgt. Roebuck:Edit

You're kidding me, right? Is Asia on Marijuana or Heroine?

You'll never see me coming, Froggy, it'll feel like you're in Makin

I'll admit, you're pretty tough for being 25 to 39,

But when i'm done with you, you'll be on a plate served with fries!

By far, you must be the stupidest sergeant ever known,

With the worst fears ever, let's see how many we can show,

There's the invasion timer, Valentine's Day Candy and your dad,

You're the reason why we won in Peleliu and took down the forces of Japan!

Sgt. Frog:Edit

Tell me, when was the last time you had a partner that isn't gay?

You ain't strong, I got powers and I can hold a hammer 100 times my weight!

You make me madder than the sound of rubbing styrofoam

Why don't you go back to your orphanage, until no parent wants you in their home?

Sgt. Roebuck:Edit

If I'm a virgin, then how come you never knew

That that dumb bitch Tamama had a retarded crush on you?

This battle is now done, and you have been stepped on,

I'll shoot down all your friends to get some kill streak shots!

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Rap Battle (Karaoke) Edit


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