Slender Man Vs Deoxys REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Slender Man Vs Deoxys REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


Mat4yo as Deoxys

Brandon Lorbes as Slender Man


Deoxys: Edit

I seem to have crash landed in a mysterious world

Where a dudes dress as human squids to rape little girls

I'm the extra terrestrial pocket monster legendr'y

Step back and face the wrath of Deoxys' destiny

A game with no purpose is about to get screwed

If I can take down Rayquaza, I can handle you too

Like hentai and endtimes, I'll finish you, 

I wish I could see the look on your face, and I bet you do too

Slender Man: Edit

I may be scary to girls for all ages, but at least I have sex, still

You blacked out a city to find your friend now that's just overkill

In your movie, I can see that you can’t see when there’s static

And the last time I checked, it seems to be my advantage

I’m stronger than a combo of every single one of your forms

I chase and kill my victims by teleporting through their doors

Alien invasions plus Pokemon, what does that shit equal?

I have so much fame on the net and they’re still making sequels

Deoxys: Edit

This slender entity thinks that he runs a penintentiary

I'm boutta bend and snap this cracker with some telekenisis trickery

Each one of my forms lifts more than this mod:

A worse creepypasta than the Rake rip-off BOB

I can take all your boys starting with your bitch in mask

You’re raps are embarrassing; even Marble Hornets starts to laugh

You’re gonna be the one to change, leave change to wash your suit

When I hang slend'ys career right up on a noose

Slender Man: Edit

That mark on your face is where I’ll cut you in half

I can defeat a trainer’s Pokémon anywhere in my maps

I use Double Team too; haven’t you played Slender Woods?

I’ll have you Poké probed by my boys with white hoods

Wait, that didn’t come out right; let me say this again

People will now know there’s no such thing as aliens

I am the face of fear and I don’t even have a face

You might as well quit now cause you’re dead in last place

Deoxys: Edit

Fuck your Hoody, Masky, Jack, and all your other slaves

Go back to the God's Mouth of what you all call a cave

Take all of your proxies and leave and never ever come back

The only thing you're known for is just giving horror gamers heart attacks

It looks like slendy left his toupee back in the forest

You aint even in the Bible so don't act like you're important

Don't try to teleport away, I'll activate my speed form

Take you back to the animators booth to make tentacle porn

Slender Man: Edit

I’m the no-face of death; you’re the one with Play-doh arms

If you want to know where your fag friend is, then stop causing harm

Get out of my forest freak, this ain’t the Hoenn Region

I’ve made the whole world scream and I don’t wanna hear you bitchin’

Yamimash pisses himself every time I drop by

And I made PewDiePie scarred with fear and he never stopped to cry

You’re known by Poké nerds and I am known by all

You might be a legend, but I’m the one with Master Balls

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