Sonic.exe Vs Tails Doll- Gaming All-Star Rap Battles Season 2-0


Nico Raimont as Sonic.exe 

B-Lo Lorbes as Tails Doll 

MCGamingFtW as Herobrine 

WoodenHornets as BuriedAlive 

Stofferex as 

HarryPotter2875 as Creepy Black 

RandomBronyWhovian as Evil Otto 

SuperThingsOnCups as MARIO 

Justin Buckner as Polybius 

Emo Owl as Giygas


Sonic.exe: Edit

Hello there little dolly, do you want to play with me? 

We can have a little round of the old fashioned Hide and Seek 

Or we can play some tag but you'll be running in place 

But for now, why don't you lie down before I RIP OFF YOUR FUCKING FACE!!! 

Get stuffed you little fag! You're like a rip off of Chucky 

You're too slow for Sonic R so in this battle, you won't be lucky 

Gill and Noah were stupid to see if you were a threat 

You'll cry like I did with the REAL Tails as I rip off that gem from your head   

Tails Doll: Edit

Can you feel the sunshine? Well you won't be any longer 

As you hear my tune, it'll be called "The Last Song You Heard" 

Call me a voodoo doll cause I'm the one giving you pain 

Sonic, you are not god, you're just fucking insane 

Hey Kefka called, he wants his laugh back 

No one will play your game because its just a lag 

Bloody claws, sharp teeth, blood shot eyes, I heard that before 

Get ready Son, cause shit gets real when I'm at your door   

Sonic.exe: Edit

You aren't really that scary, you're like a Goosebumps story 

So why don't you just piss off and go kill yourself for me 

You heard MY shit before? Well who hasn't seen a cursed doll? 

Get the fuck out of here before I give you nightmares like Tom 

So many souls too play with, but so little time wouldn't you agree? 

I'll remove the "onic" in my name so the ladies can call me SEX.XE 

What am I doing here? I'm too old to play with toys 

But before this game is over, let me block my ears from your noise   

Tails Doll: Edit

You copied off Metal Sonic's floating while trying to molest your friend 

I'm the toy you'll never give away so prepare to see the end 

Hell, just Amy Rose stalking boys can be more scary than you 

You're getting burned you little bitch, so now what are you gonna do? 

You can't run from ME no matter where you hide, I'll be there 

I'll be with you forever Sonic.exe because HELL IS MY LAIR 

Hell I can beat you in this battle even if I rap in reverse 

So get your disc destroyed as you suffer from The Tails Doll Curse   

Herobrine: Edit

You think this battle would be the best without me? 

Bitches, I'm in the Top 10 Creepypastas, top that Sonic.exe 

I'll take my diamond sword to end you once and for all 

I'm in here hacking all your laptops, looks like you wasted your firewall 

Sonic you need to brush your teeth, get your ugly ass out of my face 

And Tails Doll, even Enderman can beat you in a Sonic R race 

You never heard of me? IMPOSSIBLE! You guys are high 

So bow down to the number one Creeper, call me HEROBRINE!!!   

BuriedAlive: Edit

Now let me make an objection as I raise my White Hand in anger 

I'm gonna battle y'all without the help from Muk and Gengar 

Sonic, how the hell did you start? You are just made up 

Tails Doll you are the worst Sonic character I heard man, YOU SUCK 

Herobrine you aren't a threat, you're just Steve with white eyes 

All of your rhymes are not effective on me so say all your goodbyes 

So c'mon, grab on to me because I'm feeling so lonely 

It's Game Over already guys, so will you please join me? Edit

Oh put them dirty hands down because you'll be forever lonely 

I exist within the very fabric of reality, do you wish to challenge me? 

You know you need to do this to continue so come on, let's begin 

Misfortune will befall your loved ones so choose the right cabin 

I am claimed to be The Devil and I'm certaintly no creator's dead brother 

A well known creepypasta that you'll be in depression like no other 

Tails Doll needs to catch up and stop being so god damn queer 

And Sonic.exe, you're a liar because I AM GOD HERE!!!   

Creepy Black: Edit

Its time for me to lay a curse as I haunt you in your journeys 

As this starter Ghost covers you in Night Shade, you better hurry 

Do you really think you're scary when you stalk people through windows? 

You'll be feeling nauseated cause its Lavender Town Syndrome 

I killed every single Pokemon and cursed every Trainer 

When my PP in my moves goes down, I won't need any Ether 

So when you hear the sound in this little creepy tune 

You're gonna faint and then I'll use Curse, so see you in hell SOON   

Evil Otto: Edit

Yo its Evil Otto and I'm going Berzerk on all of you little fags 

I'll bitch slap your heads off and I don't even have any hands! 

Don't get too excited if you get the high score on my little game 

Because you'll die of a heart attack and that's how I got my fame 

I'll watch you slowly die and the last thing you'll see is my smile 

All of you are fake hacks and I'm the true one that's evil and vile 

The closer I bounce to you, the closer your death is coming 

Cause I kill you when you play my game, I don't need any summoning   


Its a me MARIO giving all my hate advice to you 

You all wanna feel pain? Well eat this Poison Mushroom 

In my game, there were no enemies, just me and Yoshi 

No need for me to save Peach cause she won't be there, won't she?

Don't all of you mother fuckers think you caused enough trouble? 

So why don't all of you just jump into the void on the double? 

This is the selfish way out, but is there anything to change your mind?

You'll all be the next victims on my list so get ready to DIE!!!!   

Polybius: Edit

Unlocked from the vault, Polybius here to play this game

I'm gonna give you headaches more than how Misfortune got some fame 

Go back to your grave Buried Alive and just have Black suck you off 

And Herobrine I'll put that sword right through you, call me a Hostile Mob 

Sonic.exe and Tails Doll, you guys are outdated 

Otto, you ain't scary and MARIO, I can see why you're hated 

Be careful, don't stand close to me, cause you'll be left in a trance 

And you won't press START even if you had the chance   

Giygas: Edit

Looks like you reached the final boss but its impossible for me to die 

I think you made a mistake cause in this rap I'll make you all cry 

Most of you are hacks and glitches just to screw everyone's game 

Sonic.exe and Tails Doll just do it already so I can have you maimed 

Herobrine is no threat, just a brother no one cared about 

And Buried Alive is a scrapped idea, GET IN YOUR GRAVE AND NEVER COME OUT! Just tell what are you supposed to be?  

A little fairy with no purpose who's story is too confusing? 

Black, is just a ghost with just one a lame ass cheat move 

Otto gives heart attacks? THAT SHIT IS NOT TRUE!!!! 

No one likes you MARIO, just kill yourself for fuck sake! 

Everyone left you cause you suck, now you know all the hate 

Polybius, let me explain, you're an LSD simulator 

You all need to hear the story of MY game's creator 

Gonna finish this battle royale out with a big blast 

Alright Ness my slave, FINISH THEM!!! [PK FLASH!!!!]

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