Spy Vs Sniper- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2 Finale

Spy Vs Sniper- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2 Finale


B-Lo as Spy

WoodenHornets as Sniper

Mat4yo as Medic

Justin Buckner as Engineer

Frenzy as Heavy

EDXBeats as Demoman

MaNCHA as Pyro

RLYoshi as Soldier

HyperJacob96 as Scout


Spy: Edit

Pardon me, but what is this? You live in a van!

I'm the spy, but who am I? Try and guess, filthy jar man!

The one thing you accomplish is leading how to camp

Let's settle this like gentlemen, with- AHA! Backstab!

May I make a suggestion? Run. You're such a disappointment!

Are there snakes in the Outback? Call me a Diamondback, friend!

Was there ever any doubt that I would kick your ass?

Oh dear, I apologize, I think I've made quite a mess.

Sniper: Edit

I think you have forgotten about the one you are messing with

I'm the Sniper! Piss off or you can prepare to meet your death

Sniping's a good job mate! It's challenging work outdoors

I'll Bat you Outta Hell with the Conscientious Objector

I'm also a hunter I'm like the male Katniss Everdeen

I'll show YOU a backstab with a slice of my Kukri

I'll give you a headshot, leaving you with a hell of a headache

Look a little low on health buddy, I suggest getting the Medic

Medic: Edit

Well you said my name and now i'll help you with your little burns

Prepare for your examination, you two are just the worst

Without me in the game, you guys would be already dead

So let's practice medicine and then I'll blast you with my Kritzkrieg

Ah my Spy friend, don't be pussy and show your face

And Sniper I think its time that somebody put you in your place

I'll cut you with my Vita-Saw call me the Surgeon Simulator

I'm out, Fraulines, but I Solemnly Vow to fuck with you later

Engineer: Edit

Look buddies, I'm an engineer that means I solve problems

Ain't no Southern Hospitality pardner so you'll be falling

This guy from the defensive class will take down you damn supporters

I'm coming at you from Texas, I'll take you back to the border

I'm gonna make you cry Spy for I am the roughneck of the West

And Sniper, them guns are nothing to my big ass wrench

Medic, you'll NEED a medic after I'm finished with you

Now I'll take the heads of you and I'll have myself some barbeque

Heavy: Edit

It's time I show you bitches the true meaning of strength

I'm coming in at a thousand pounds, I'm as tough as a tank

You think you can outsmart me? Then outsmart this bullet bitch

After I finish you weaklings off, I'll snack on a little sandvich

With my powerful "Minigun" it results my shooting good

You guys can't carry my weapons cause you don't eat my kind of food

I'm known as a heavyweight in my successful career in boxing

And all you guys are known for is some major cock sucking

Demoman Edit

One crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate

One errant twitch...and Kablooie! BOOM BOOM BABY!

I'm launching grenades, stickybombs, and all kinds of explosives

All you shits wouldn't have the courage to step to the Scottish Resistance

Time to Loch-n-Load as this pirate takes a Chargin' Targe

I'm about to get serious as I get myself an Ubercharge

With all of your failed strategies I just cannot stand

So what makes you think you can beat the one and only DEMOMAN

Pyro: Edit

The mask is coming off and it's time for the true face of fear to RISE


I'm the Pyro! Spies beware because you'll be burning galore

Airblast your fucking stickies since you're being a spamming whore!

What's a Heavy Medic combo against CRITICAL PHLOGISTINATOR

And Engie loves to play with joysticks, he can Wrangle like a masturbator

Is it Halloween already, well, guess I'll burn you like a witch

Man, I'll melt all your faces as you Rainblow this, bitch!

Soldier: Edit

Alright you little maggots, it's time for some legit tubing

Nothing like the Demo rip off, because the job will get done smoothly

I'm a cold blooded American unlike you communist pussies!

Every one of you wannabe terrorists shouldn't mess with the military

Pyro, this time you're getting burned, sorry to be brute

And Heavy, man, I'll tread on your fucking face with my boots!

You scummy bums' lyrical talent adds up to just about none

You'll be done when I unload the Black Box for shits, giggles, and fun

Scout: Edit

Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother I hurt people

With a bat, and a scattergun, and let's not forget the pistol

You wanna fight? BONK! Yeah, how do ya like that?

Let's have a little round of baseball with my trusty Sandman

It's about to get crazy because I got too much caffiene

When y'all chuckleheads are dead, I ain't giving any rapid recovery

I'm the winner of this battle just look at this little Saxxy

So let's promote me as the leader of the Fortress Team

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