(HALLOWEEN) The Grunt Vs Pyramid Head- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(HALLOWEEN) The Grunt Vs Pyramid Head- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


Stofferex as The Grunt

ZombieLicker as Pyramid Head

Justin as The Necromorph

MaNCHA as Ao Oni

Emo Owl as SCP-173

Frenzy as Freddy Fazbear

Froggy as Bonnie the Bunny

AccordionChick as Chica the Chicken

Mat4yo as Foxy the Pirate

Brandon Lorbes as Slenderman

Lyrics Edit

Grunt: Edit

*growls* Looks like I got me some fresh meat

I'll tear you with my claws and rip your head off in defeat

Hope you got a lantern because this is the Dark Descent

I'll break your back when I break both your spine and neck

What's so scary about a man in stupid pyramid headgear?

When you're here in my realm then you better start to run with fear

You'll lose your sanity in the end of this battle, you'll be seeing Jesus

I'll rip out your brain leaving you with serious Amnesia

Pyramid Head: Edit

Welcome to Silent Hill where we're known for the most gory slaughterhouse

I think it's time I showed you what my murders are all about

You think your PC game is worldwide famous? I got myself a movie

I think you'll need more of a sanity potion when I'm making YOU feel looney

Hope you're scared of the Bogeyman, so far, you're making me yawn

Your rhymes are more horrible than the amount of your fan-made mods

I swear, you're raps stink worse than your pile of corpses of pigs

If I was in your game instead of you, I would have already have Alexander slit

Necromorph: Edit

This is more than a zombie apocalypse, you're against a mutated corpse

You better have your weapons ready when you spot the Necromorphs

Killing off Isaac Clarke in the most painful gory ways you'll ever see

You're screwed because in space, no one can hear you scream

Just play my game and you'll see I put the Xenomorphses ass to shame

Just looking at you, Grunt, I can tell why people go insane

Swing your sword like a ballerina, too bad it's not hurtin' me

I'll pierce my pincers through your eyes like laser surgery

All that's insane about your game is it's fame for anyone whose played it

The moment that you fall, the next you know is you're decapitated

Me and my homies will infect both of your shit stained territories

Both of you guys are even less boring than you're game's stories

Ao Oni: Edit

IT'S RAPING TIME! The Blue Demon's gonna make you feel like hell

I'll be waiting for you once you get out of that jail cell

Once you step into my mansion you'll have no chance to escape

So Necro why don't you shut up cause you're a waste of Dead Space

Pyramid Head don't start bragging because I have a movie too

And Grunt you probably broke that jaw because you ate too much food

Don't try to hide from me because I know how to smell fear

I know you're in the closet and YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE

SCP-173: Edit

Time to secure, contain, and never protect these D-Class jokes

I have escaped from my cell and ready to break some folks

Class Keter, animate and hostile I'm the MC SCP-173 

You all better keep a close eye on me or you'll lifespan will decrease

What's the chances of a bunch of pedophilics against a statue

I can snap your necks in a quick second and you can't even see me move

This foundation is now on lockdown and all the monsters have been released

One more thing, don't blink cause you'll have your eyes closed permanently

Five Nights at Freddy's: Edit

(Freddy) Seems your low on power, there goes your chance to win

(Bonnie) Only 1 A.M., you'll have no choice but to let us in

(Chica) So "LETS EAT", Ao Oni you look like your out of place

(Foxy) What will ye do when a suit crushes your face?

(Bonnie) It's a nightmare outside (Chica) there will be nowhere to hide

(Foxy) Searching for a soul to suit, its a party inside

(Freddy) The "Bite of 87" won't be as gruesome as this

(ALL) You'll be slaughtered and dead! (Freddy) Reminds me of those 5 kids..

Slenderman: Edit

I'm here with another Arrival to prove these amateurs wrong

Once you get strangled from my tentacles, you won't be around for long

I scattered 8 pages all over the woods and it's every line I speak

I'll give Freddy's crew some nightmares when you see me on 7th Street

You're all a bunch of circus freaks, you should work at my carnival

I'm the face of evil, so to speak, plus I'm unstoppable

I'll make all of you my proxies serving in a sanatorium of insanity

And you'll see nothing but static when you see my paranormal activity

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