Vanellope von Schweetz Vs Missingno- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Vanellope von Schweetz Vs Missingno- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2

Vanellope von Schweetz vs Missingno


PinkiesCupcake as Vanellope von Schweetz

Brandon Lorbes as Missingno



It’s a Sugar Rush now that I’m in this race

I can handle my glitch powers and you’re just a disgrace

Nobody remembered you since Red and Blue just tell us who you are

We know you form as fossils, a ghost, and you evolve to Kangaskhan

I’m a princess, bitch; I’ll unplug your ass so you’ll do more than just faint

I’d call you loser but you’re already L shaped so I guess I’m too late

My rhymes will explode like Mentos with the soda mountain

So go back in your Poke Ball and I’ll tame you like a Persian


Do you have an idea on who you’re messing with? I’m the REAL glitchy deal

I’ll corrupt your game and you’ll finally learn how a Cubone feels

That little chocolate river you got looks like a fucking shit pile

And by the end of this, you won’t be having a save file

You need to clean your hair. What’s with all them candy bits?

Plus, you seriously have that little skirt that was from a Reese’s?

Just get out of here little girl because I’m the real bug here.

This game won’t reset and you’ll just be left in tears


I’ll wreck you, then I’ll fix you, then I’ll wreck your ass again

And the Laffy Taffy vines will laugh as you sink in Nesquik sand

All hail Princess Vanellope! This girl will put you in the fungeon

Don’t make my main man Ralph mad or he’ll start with the punching

You give infinite amounts of items? But you still mess up the game?

I mean I’m a glitch, I barely fuck up and I still get my people’s fame

I don’t need any Silph Scope to see you already suck

You go now, but we’ll know you stink, nickname this guy Muk


Oh will you just shut the fuck up and read my fucking face?

I will go Turbo on your ass so I guess I’m King Candy of this race!

All gamers will know me as the number 1 video game creepypasta

My rhymes are so mind blowing that I don’t even need any master

You’re game’s like a trippy version of Willy Wonka doing LSD

I’ll crush you like a jawbreaker to break your sweet tooth, Vanellope

When it comes to this little Pokémon battle, I have hacked them all

So let me make this clear Schweetz, I’m the one that stands tall

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