Vault Boy Vs Demolition Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 3

Vault Boy Vs Demolition Man- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 3


Nathan Provost as Vault Boy

Brandon Lorbes as Demolition Man

Company Strike


Vault Boy: Edit

I just saw this old man coming out of the Gene Bank

Who modifies his stem cells and suddenly feels like a tank

The Vault is full of nuclear shit what are your Plasmids supposed to do?

I beat a detective from L.A., I can beat you

Your whole entire city is just a recreation of Atlantis

Tell me why you didn't promote vigors in Bioshock Infinite

I'm living the American Dream, your citizens make a Bloody Mess

My rhymes will hit like a nuke once you step up to New Vegas

Demolition Man: Edit

New Vegas eh? Nothing but broken homes and trash heaps

People prefer Rapture here at the bottom of the Sea

How are you promoting your city? I see piles of Insect Swarms

Big Daddy's gonna make you no more

I won't need Vault Citizenship because I won't bother stepping in this place

Vault Girl came to visit me, all I got her was my Tunnel Snake

Looks like Vault Security got a Bullseye on ya looks like your done

Thank you for getting dissed by me! That'll be about 60 ADAM

Vault Boy: Edit

Take it Back! Or else feel some of the Adredaline Rush

Don't get my Future Woman into any of this, why don't you just hush?

When it comes to something like the Great War, I'm a Pinnacle of Survival

Mr. Demolition, I'll consider you my new rival

I'm a Fast Shot man, Psychotic Prankster, and I'm also Built to Destroy

Busting bottle caps up in your ass and then achievements from Vault Boy

It's a One-Man Scouting Party for the Slayer of Beasts

Ironically this Boy is tougher than the Man proving I'm a real MC

Demolition Man: Edit

Alright, I'm getting enraged! Time to incinerate this Target Dummy

When I smack your bobblehead you better run to Vault Mommy

I got Electro Bolts, Sonic Boom, Telekenesis, Winter Blast

Security Commands, Summon Eleanor, and Cyclone Traps

From the past to the future, PLASMIDS will continue to live on

While your shitty products like Rad Away are stuck in stores to rot

Time to drink some Nuka Cola in my victory and celebrate

Screw everyone at the Vault-Tec and just EVOLVE TODAY!

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